We believe in accessories with the power to change the world, one piece at a time.

All of our accessories are handmade with care. They are made by women-owned, small businesses that want to do better. They pay fair wages and empower their artisans through training and mentoring. All, while they work exclusively with sustainable materials. That is our way to make our world a better place.

Straw Bags & Mochilas

Straw Bags & Mochilas

Don't be fooled: these are not your typical straw bags. Our straw... 

Jewelry That Makes A Difference

Jewelry That Makes A Difference

Our handmade jewelry makes a difference and is truly one-in-a-kind: adjustable rings, earrings... 


We believe fashion has the power to change the world, one piece at a time.

Each piece our artisans make has a unique story behind it. The story of a family that builds a better life thanks to fair employment. Only 2% of garment workers make a living wage today. Ours are part of that 2%. All the businesses we work with are women-led. On top, over 85% of our artisans are women.

But that's not where our role in changing the world ends. It continues with our planet at the heart. We do this by selecting exclusively sustainable materials for our accessories. It includes short and local supply chains as well as plastic-free packaging. It means working on sustainability in all aspects of our business.

Our goal is to give you as the consumer a choice. A choice to choose a world that reflects your values. A world of honesty, fairness and respect - for our planet and those around us. You have the power to make that world come true - one purchase at a time.



Building a world of handmade accessories that do 'GOOD' wouldn't be possible without you, our customer. You are the centerpiece of our business. We are humbled and grateful for the support and love we receive from you.

Sustainable Fashion That Inspires

What inspired us to sell handmade accessories? It is quite simple: the wonderful people behind our products. Their traditions and heritage. And the idea to minimize the impact we have on our environment. To make accessories and fashion like we used to. By hand, one piece at a time. With minimal impact on our planet. With techniques that artisans have refined for centuries.

We follow ancient recipes for everything we design, from bags to jewelry. Many techniques our artisans use have been around for ages. But this is not just about artisan traditions. It's about making conscious choices. Choices that respect the people behind the product. Choices that safeguard the planet we live on. In a nutshell, that is what sustainable fashion means for us. We believe in the good of people, in the beauty of nature. That's what we set out to protect.

Join us in making a difference.