Bags Made the Slow Way

Ethical and sustainable bags for any style, any plan, anywhere. Our bags, and clutches are not only good for your style and their makers. Sustainable materials turn these bags into earth's favorite. Choose an outstanding style that is good for your closet, people and the planet.
Artisan making a mochila bag. All our bags are handmade by artisans with eco-friendly and natural materials.

Sustainable Bags That Empower Their Makers

All our bags are made with artisan traditions and techniques in mind. Our artisans build on century-old techniques. They use the same sustainable materials they have been using for ages. These bags are more than another 'thing'. They carry the stories of the people who make them. Stories of mothers passing weaving techniques on to their daughters. Weaving patterns tell the tale of ancient legends. Each pattern and bag is as unique as the artisan itself.

All of our bags provide an income to artisans from underserved communities. A chance to build a better tomorrow. An opportunity to send their kids to school, so they can rise higher.

When we come together, something beautiful happens. It gives hope, it gives a future. Fashion has the power to do that. It builds a bridge from you to the maker. It gives you power to make a change. Choose fashion that lifts people up and respects the planet.