Jewlery That Empowers Women AND Your Style

Helping women build better lives wasn't enough. We wanted to give you unique style on top. So what better than jewelry that bends into different shapes? We think that's a pretty awesome combination. 


Statistics show that countries with greater equality are wealthier. But women continue to face many obstacles - in particular in developing countries.

In Egypt, 78% of women do not participate in the labor market. This leaves them without a salary, insurance, and benefits. It renders them dependent on their husbands and male relatives. Many of these women have never held jobs outside their homes. Most have not had the choice to finish school.

We want to empower these women to do better. To lift themselves up. So they can live independent lives determined by their own choices.

Our jewelry is made 100% by women. Their work does not only provide them a salary. It is their first step into formal employment. And provides them with access to skill training and coaching. This provides them with the skills to stand their own feet - at work and in their lives.


Eman is the maker behind our handmade jewelry collection. When she started to make jewelry, she ran into many closed doors.

In Egypt, brass craftsmanship has been a male-dominated trade for centuries. It is an inherent part of Egypt's culture and identity. Men have passed brass techniques down to their sons for generations.

When Eman first showed up at Cairo's brass workshops, they sent her back home. She persisted and showed up week after week. After months, she managed to gain the trust of the craftsmen. They relented and taught her what they knew about molding brass.

What Eman learned is at the core of her jewelry today. It is what makes her jewelry adjustable. But she didn't just keep it to herself. Eman decided she wanted to share what she learned with other women. She teaches artisan brass techniques to women in and outside her shop.

  • Our straw bag collection is not your average beach gear. Handwoven by artisans from the Wayuu tribe from Iraka Palm Straw and dyed with non-toxic dyes. This is a sustainable, ethical and simply gorgeous straw bag collection.


    Our straw bags are not your typical beach gear. They are at home just as much at the bar or at brunch. Century-old weaving traditions meet modern design in this earth-friendly and ethical collection.

  • Our Indian Handicraft Collection relies on century-old artisan traditions. It is made from handloom cotton and woven without any electricity. Handmade by artisans in India. Accessories made the slow fashion way.


    These clutches are made from handloom cotton by artisans in India and dyed with azo-free, natural dyes. Modern accessories made the 'slow' way. Good for your style, people and the planet.