Make an Impact: Slow Fashion for GOOD

We strive to create a world of fashion that values fair work, keeps artisan traditions alive, and protects the planet. You, our customer, make that possible. With every purchase, you support meaningful income opportunities for artisans and ensure our planet stays green. Make an impact with slow fashion for GOOD.

Wayuu artisan holds a sign 'I made your bag' . Fashion Revolution campaign / fair wages.


We want to bring you sustainable accessories that empower the people who make them.

With every purchase, you are supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans and their families. This truly does make a difference. It directly translates into children in school, and meals on the table.

You are not only helping us to protect the planet but are making a lasting impact. Thank you for choosing slow fashion that does GOOD.


Making a living wage is, unfortunately, rare in fashion. Today, only 2% of garment workers earn a living wage. More often than not, they don't have access to higher-paying jobs due to their lack of education and lack of access to formal employment.

None of our artisans had the opportunity to obtain a high school degree. Many actually dropped out after elementary school to supplement incomes of their families. Many live in rural areas or underserved communities where jobs, infrastructure, and schools are far and few between.

  • Eliva is one of the faces behind our straw-palm collection. Since receiving a fair wage, Eliva managed to not only put enough food on the table but put some money aside. She has used her savings to invest in two goats which she uses to generate additional income. Eventually, she hopes that she can grow her little farm to be self-sufficient and earn the income to support her family.

  • Pooja and Bharti are two of the artisans behind our lifestyle collection. Both have been living in Gujarat's slums for decades. Today, they receive a fair wage and work in a safe and dignified work environment. Moreover, they are able to provide for their families and send their children to school, so they can receive the education to build a better life for their families.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. We know that fashion does not have to be synonymous with pollution. By making sustainable business practices an integral part of our decision-making, we minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

That is why we are using renewable resources in our products. We reduce our environmental footprint through short supply chains and eliminate toxic dyes and plastics from production and logistics.

Join us in choosing slow fashion that protects the planet and people.